Throwing a Frozen themed Birthday Party

  frozen For my 26th birthday I decided to throw myself a Frozen themed party.  The week before my party I was at work (I work in the children's department of a library), and I heard a little girl, probably about six years old, talking about how she was going to have a Frozen birthday party.  I had to get excited and tell her that I was having a Frozen birthday party too!  Still a child a heart ;) For my party I invited a bunch of friends over to watch the movie, and we had some snacks and drinks.  Because people arrived at all different times we actually watched the movie twice - I referred to it as the matinee showing and the evening showing!  In between the two showings we got dinner and played Disney Scene It. Invites invite For the invitations I found these adorable free printables on Pinterest to make a movie ticket style invitation.  I didn't actually mail them out to my friends, but I did share the invite on my facebook event!  However, if you were mailing invites it would be super easy to print and send these.  The website I got it from also has three different designs to choose from! Décor IMG_0759 I decorated my basement with a few different items.  To get it decorated overall, I asked some streamers on the ceiling and along the back wall.  I also set up the food table with two plastic tablecloths, layered to get a neat effect.  The other thing I did was sprinkle both that table and the coffee table with snowflake confetti.  I felt like the confetti really added a lot to it!  Also, you can barely see it in the picture above, but I had a sparkly snowflake decoration hanging from the ceiling. IMG_0754 I found a bunch of cute printable decorations on Pinterest, but the only one I really liked the most and ended up using was this Arendelle banner.  It was very easy to print and make, and it looked very cool!  Finally, to add to the atmosphere I hung up the Frozen lithographs I had gotten for pre-ordering the movie from the Disney Store. IMG_0755 Food IMG_0749 I didn't want to do a full meal type thing, so we went with snacks and desserts.  Instead of attempting a cake, I decided to go with cupcakes this year.  While at my grocery store I found blue raspberry flavored cupcake mix, so I made those with vanilla icing and blue sprinkles to go with the color scheme!  I also got Frozen cupcake wrappers from Dyans Cucake Couture on Etsy (full review post to come later!).  They were the perfect and easy way to keep the Frozen theme going. IMG_0750 The other main snack I had was the "Do you want to build a snowman?" station.  These were powdered donuts that you could make your own snowman with chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth and an orange candy for the nose.  I guess because my friends aren't 6 years old they just ate all the individual pieces and didn't actually make a snowman, but it was still a fun thing to have out with the theme! IMG_0760 One of my friends kindly brought a snack as well, and she made the most delicious oreo bonbons!  Everyone was raving about these, so I'll have to try and get the recipe from her.  And she decorated them perfectly with my color scheme without even realizing! Drinks IMG_0748 I was inspired to try some of the drinks on the Cocktails by Cody facebook page.  If you haven't heard of him, he makes all these Disney inspired drinks that sound fantastic.  He's coming out with a recipe book soon that I can't wait to get! IMG_0747 The first one we tried was the Elsa inspired drink, called Coldfront.  It was an interesting mix of peppermint schnapps, white chocolate liqueur, milk, and Malibu rum.  I wasn't sure what I would think but it was really delicious!  Smooth and refreshing.  The other one was the Anna drink, called Warmfront.  It was made with orange tea, whiskey, and amaretto.  I'm not a huge fan of amaretto so it wasn't my favorite, but other people really enjoyed it - the guys seemed to like this one more.  We used orange iced tea, but I bet it would also be yummy if you used regular tea and even served it warm! All in all it was a super fun birthday, and I'm so glad I got to spend it with my lovely friends!  If you're having a Frozen themed party I'd love to hear about it.  There are tons of great ideas on pinterest, especially if you're having a children's party!  


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