Bucket List: Stay in a Royal Room at Port Orleans Riverside



During this past trip I was very excited because we had booked a Royal Room at Port Orleans Riverside!  First of all, I absolutely love the Port Orleans Riverside resort.  It’s special to us because it’s where we spent our honeymoon, and it’s also just beautiful.  The Royal Rooms are in a building that is conveniently located – not too far from the main building, one of the bus stops, the main pool and a smaller pool.


The “story” behind these rooms is that Princess Tiana owns the place, and all the other princesses came to visit.  And in order to help decorate the rooms, the princesses left Tiana mementos.  There’s a cute letter explaining all of this from Tiana – a “copy” of the letter is painted onto the table, but you also get your own paper copy to keep when you check in.



The room is fairly opulently decorated – there are lots of fancy curtains, a nice lamp piece, regal looking chairs… you definitely get a feel of elegance and royalty here!


The beauty and excitement of this room is all in the details.  And really, a picture is worth a thousand words in this case, so I want to share some of the coolest details that we found there:

Jasmine left a “flying” carpet for a rug:


Not to mention the magic lamp faucet in the sink:


You’ll find the foot stool from Beauty and the Beast:


Cinderella has donated some coat hooks with her carriage:


And Ariel, not surprisingly, has left her mark on the shower curtain – you’ll notice a dinglehopper and a snarfblatt in there!


The Princesses adorn the walls themselves too.  Since it’s Tiana’s place she does have the largest portrait, but all of her princess friends are featured too (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, and Rapunzel, though not all are pictured here).  Even the princes get a nod with the side view silhouettes.  One interesting note: Belle’s Prince is labeled here as “Prince Adam.”  So even though I know there’s been some controversy over whether or not Adam is truly his name, it seems Disney itself has decided to use it in the parks:


Another detail I really liked: part of the bedspread had different princess crowns.  It was fun looking at them and trying to figure out which crown belonged to who!


However, one of the coolest things was the headboards on the bed.  They have a button on the side, and when you press it, it sets of fireworks… so fun!  Here’s a video of the headboard:


We loved our Royal Room.  Would you be interested in staying in a Royal Room on a future Disney trip?



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