Bucket List: Tackle the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

kitchen sink

If you haven’t heard of it, the Kitchen Sink is an ice cream lover’s dream.  It’s eight scoops of ice cream, every topping in the house, and a whole can of whipped cream.  Yup, that thing is huge.  And when they say every topping, they are not skimping there.  I’m talking whole brownies and an entire snickers bar.  Just to be cute, it’s even served in a bowl that looks like a kitchen sink.  Oh, and if you order it, the lights flash and the staff has a little chant to go along with it.


Obviously this is not a one person dish.  I wouldn’t recommend it for any less than four people (which is what we had).  We also ate dinner beforehand there at Beaches and Cream – if I did this again I would take a long break between dinner and dessert next time!  After we finished I was absolutely stuffed.  But stuffed full of ice cream, so I didn’t mind too much 😉  We did manage to clean out the bowl…


Have you ever tried the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream?  What’s your favorite ice cream?


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