Wordless Wednesday: Disney Sidekicks

It’s time for another Wordless Wednesday, and this week’s theme was a little tricky to come up with photos for!  But I managed to get you a few :)

One of my favorite group of sidekicks, performing in one of my favorite shows!



Another famous group of sidekicks is the 7 dwarfs.  I didn’t get a picture with them at the Christmas party like I was hoping (my friends I was with did not want to have any part in waiting in that line!), but maybe this topiary of Snow White and her sidekicks will do, from 2013’s Flower and Garden festival:


And finally, here’s a blast from the past!  This picture is from a trip I took in 2005, when I was 17 and went on a father/daughter trip with my dad.  We had fun meeting Rafiki and Timon!

rafiki and timon

Focused on the Magic


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